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Hello people ! This is my very first blog post . I hope you guys love it and keep supporting me to write more and more . Ok! So lets get started. 👉

Are you horrified by the amount of hair you are losing everyday ? Or are you tired of your unmanageable frizzy hair ? Just like the way I was a year back , I had gone through alot of chemicals during the process of permanent hair straightening . My hair looked really nice after hair straightening but after 6 months my hair was completely damaged and I was left with frizzy hair , dull hair and hairfall was a very big problem . The thought of going bald everytime I combed my hair horrified me . I did every possible stuffs which claimed to repair my hair but nothing really happened . When I was really tired and was left with no option , I finally decided to take an appointment in a parlour and cut my hair . There , one of the lady in the parlour told where I made a mistake and it was a severe mistake , Inspite of being told “I had not done hair spa not even a single time after my hair straightening ” . Yes ! Hair spa which is necessary for every single women and all hair types today in this polluted environment .

Hair spa is a good treatment of relaxation. It strengthen the hair follicles , nourishes the roots , revitalize the scalp that helps in natural hair birth , normalize oil secretion , increases cell metabolism and stimulate blood circulation . It not only makes you hair silky , shiny , smooth but also makes them healthy and alive . However going to the parlour every month inspite of alot of problems makes things worse so I do hair spa every once in a month now at home and it makes my hair feel and look amazing .


1) PREPARATION OF OIL : Warm upto 2 to 3 teaspoons or more ( according to the hair length ) of coconut oil or olive oil in a little dish . Make sure to not to let it get too hot , it should be warm and comfortable to touch . If you have dry scalp then use olive oil , coconut oil and if you have oily scalp then you can use combination of oils

2) MASSAGING : Apply the oil through your hair , from the roots to the ends . Massage it for almost 10 to 15minutes . This enhances the quality , open the pores and increases the blood circulation . Remember this step is very essential before proceeding .

3) STEAMING : Steaming is also necessary because the oil needs to penetrate inside the scalp and do the good . All you need to do is dip a clean towel in hot water , wringing out the excess water so that its damp . Wrap the towel around your hair and leave it for 15 to 20minutes . Steaming only gives you extra help to nourish .

4) WASHING HAIR : You can wash after steaming or wait for the entire night . Use a mild shampoo or the one which suits your hair and wash it with a lukewarm water . This process removes all the dirt , oil and small particles

5) HAIR CONDITIONING (OPTIONAL) : You can add conditioner if your hair is very dry . This actually protects your hair from harsh steps and continous movement of hair and scalp

6) HAIR MASK : Just like a face mask , hair mask pulls out the impurities , improves the pores of the skin and prevents them from damage . One can use the hair mask available in the market or make a homemade hair mask . Apply the mask through the hair from the roots . Use a wide toothed comb to distribute the mask through the hair . This step can be messy so it would be good to drape a towel or a hair dyeing cape around your shoulders . Leave it for 30minutes and wash your hair again with a middle shampoo

#Note : It will be better to Apply a hair serum after the hair wash when your hair is semi wet .